Stock Managed Systems

At Phil Holden Fasteners, we understand that the process of supplying low-cost components to production lines often leads to disproportionately high associated costs. To eliminate these challenges, we specialise in offering Stock Managed Systems, predominantly line side, that are designed to suit each customer’s individual requirements, regardless of whether they need small or large volumes.

Tailor-made systems

Our systems are tailor-made to maximize benefits for each specific company. They significantly reduce the supplier base, thereby lowering the associated administration costs. Additionally, there is a considerable reduction in stock holding and storage space since only a limited number of days’ stock is held directly on the production lines, reducing inspection costs and time delay. As a result, valuable production time becomes more focused as vital parts are in the immediate vicinity of use.

At Phil Holden Fasteners, we undertake a full review of the current product range to ensure that only the right products are contained within the system. This product rationalisation not only increases efficiency but also reduces costs. Furthermore, we hold regular reviews and meetings with key personnel to discuss new products and ensure that the most cost-effective fastener solutions are chosen at the design stage.

If you feel that your company would benefit from a tailored Stock Managed System, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will arrange a site survey where we can discuss and recommend a suitable solution for you.